Iphone 4s wireless sync troubleshooting

Windows only : if the above solution hasn't helped, it is possible that Windows' ARP cache may be corrupted. If your device still does not connect to iMazing via Wi-Fi, your firewall may be interfering. Keep reading for how to troubleshoot macOS and Windows firewall issues. In the Firewall Options window, make sure that code signed apps are authorised to receive incoming connections:. If you do not wish to allow signed software to receive incoming connections, you will need to add iMazing and iMazing Mini if applicable to the whitelist in that window.

Windows System Firewall. Please a lso make sure that Outbound Rules are not blocking Bonjour. Advanced Firewall and Router Settings.

iTunes Unable to Sync

By default, they should be, but if you ever touched these settings yourself, or if you are in a corporate environment, some of these ports can be blocked router side or firewall side. Enterprise and Mesh Wi-Fi Networks. Bonjour cannot work if your network is not configured to support multicast. If you are looking for the detailed steps to sync iPhone with iTunes over Wifi, have a look at it below.

How To Sync iPhone Without Cable with iTunes Wi-Fi Sync Feature | Technobezz

You can complete this process in minutes. Step 2: On the iTunes view, you will see your connected iOS device. Click on it to open your device panel. Step 3: Now click on the Summary tab, and you will see a couple of different options.

Sync or remove content using iTunes

Step 6: Now on your iPhone, go to the Settings app and click on the General tab. You are all done! You have successfully set up your iPhone to sync over Wifi. You can also watch the video tutorial to learn it. Besides syncing iPhone with iTunes over wifi, you can do this job using iCloud too.

Set Up Wireless Syncing in iTunes & iOS for iPhone, iPad, & iPod

This process allows you to sync your data and files with another device using the same iCloud. Here is the entire step by step method.

You will just have to follow the step by step procedure in order to sync your device. You can sync any type of data like photos, videos, albums, songs, playlists, books, contacts and calendars.

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If you require syncing your iPhone with iTunes using a faster and more reliable way, you can try cable syncing. Here is how you can do this job.

Step 2: Now on the Home view, you will see three options. Step 3: Here you will see your files and data of your device.