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However, I live in Indiana and the doctors here managed to save Lance Armstrong. He was sent here from Texas. I am now a six year survivor. I am now undergoing tests for a possible second cancer diagnosis seven years later and still no green card for my family. Hoping for one for my husband in the New Year. My son aged out and is on a student visa. I live each day realizing this is not a dress rehearsal and have to believe everything will be OK and I have absolutely no control over what the future holds.

I know only too well how shell shocked you are right now but you have to have faith that things will work out how they are meant to. Adversity can have a silver lining. Wishing you all the best in your treatment plan. You need to concentrate on your health right now. Follwoing user name person got his check cashed. Now, can't you say your "projected" annual income on self-employment, esp. Can't you calculate your annual income "projected," of course?

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Statistically speaking, there is always a high probability of H1B getting denied than for GC. Most of the time the employer is hiring an H-1B to fill a FT, "permanent" position.

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Why would that employer e. This enforcement is only going to increase as it takes more time for the economy to bottom out.

Law-abiding H-1B and GC petitioners need not fear that. If AC21 memo is non-binding, which immigartion law is binding? If they issue any RFE for your self-employment if you are in it argue with them with these points; and good luck. Thats what exactly I have been asking. I have more or less given up on the Can PR. Where you getting your number from? Did you already set up poll? I appreciate your time in answering in asking this question. I am real serious about this issue. In countries like Europe people need not come USA just for survival as that is a developed country.

USA will lose them.

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But it is not the case for indians. If you go out of country then hundreds of people are waiting to take your position in next flight in India. Why they are not blaming pakistanis? They are small in numbers. In s Indians also were given warm welcome as the number was small and abuses were less. Now over 40K h1bs plus 50K L1s were given in an year. Total number of H1b and L1 are more than k. Even most optimistic survey tells that k new high tech jobs are created per year that too in good times.

Certainly we cannot deny displacement of US workers by immigrants. Now we started justifying this also by capitilism,globalization etc.

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But basically future of h1b and any other immigration program will depend on USA people support eventhough politics plays a siginificant role. Can we get support of USA citizens for expanding immigration when economy is severe recession? Thats my point. Why are pakistanis getting green cards and nobody is saying they have taken jobs away from Americans? So many come to US on visa free travel, work 6 months undocumented from european countries, yet they are the first to get the GCs while Indians abuse B1, they abuse H1.

How come only Indians abuse everything no one else abuses anything? I think you also need a Canadian address. My bad, it totally skipped my mind.

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PR cards can only be mailed with in Canada. All your posts put together gives the complete picture.

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  • Thanks so much, for your kind words. I also applied on July 19th at NSC and no update yet. Looks like we still need to wait for few more days Yes, The word Gandhigiri is a combination of Gandhi - giri , the first is in reference to Mahatma Gandhi and giri is a slang for doing things in a certain way. Gandhigiri means protesting in a peacful way but in a way that embaresses the people being protested against.

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